Printed matter

Even in the digital age, printed information has an important role to play. Safety booklets, awareness posters or training guides are developed in line with your corporate identity and corporate culture. SAFETY24 offers the full cycle from concept to print management.


Safety and environmental training or awareness campaigns are often perceived as being boring and repetitive. That is why it's so important to add creativity to the mix. A well-designed original poster will still attract the attention. A safety booklet can look attractive and be fun to read. An awareness campaign can be supported by a board game, buttons, flyers, stickers... It doesn't take more than a good brainstorm session and an open mind.

Safety24 print cross media
Safety24 print example


Good design is crucial to get your message across, but so is the text that goes with it. Our copywriters are 100% focused on HSE content; they know the specific vocabulary and the sensitivities of the target audience.

The visuals that go with the words are designed by a team of graphics artists. They will develop a visual style and the perfect imagery to strengthen the message. With access to numerous image libraries and a wide experience in dedicated photo shoots, infographics creation and professional layout, we make sure the visual design is spot-on.


Every assignment to produce printed matter starts with a briefing and ends with the delivery of the booklets, posters or leaflets. SAFETY24 will supply the layout files, in all required language versions, to the printing company of your choice and will oversee the process to ensure that print quality is top notch. Extra copies can be ordered ad hoc or on a periodic basis.

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