Digital content creation for HSEQ training & communications

Cross-media digital communications and custom interactive training for health, safety & environment departments: that is what we do. Over the years, we have gathered a team of in-house professionals for the production of every aspect of digital tools and content for HSEQ communications and interactive training. As a one-stop-shop, we deliver conceptual design and copywriting, audio and video production, graphics and animation, PowerPoint presentations, e-learning development or Augmented & Virtual Reality productions.

What sets us apart?

Simple: our work, and the way we go about it, with our 100% focus on HSEQ.

We believe HSEQ communications support and interactive training is a specialized field, not a carbon-copy by-product of general agency services.

Our teams know the specific requirements and the typical subject matters in the safety and environmental field.

We feel 100% at home in every industry; we have been filming in plants around the world and producing content to corporate guidelines for decades.

Because we create everything in-house, we can without bias select the optimal medium and visualization for each message.

We deliver as promised within the time constraints and budgetary boundaries you define. We deliver as promised within the time constraints and budgetary boundaries you define.

Track record

For decades, we have served corporate and industrial HSEQ departments globally, in a broad range of industries. Our reference list counts many of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

We have always been at the cutting edge of technology, introducing e-learning to our clients when the term wasn’t invented yet, and virtual reality when it was no more than a gamers’ hype.

Still, while embracing new technologies, our focus stayed the same: providing our clients with efficient safety and environmental awareness and training tools, on the most varied subjects, in as many languages as needed.

As a one-stop-shop for digital content, we have always offered impartial guidance on the ideal communications mix for your HSEQ message, from a simple printed leaflet to an immersive VR application.

Other divisions

Because we are a cross-media and multi-skills organisation, we have channeled some of those skills into business units with a clear focus. Joining specialists in the respective fields, but with all the benefits of the cross-fertilization and production infrastructure of the whole. Each division has its own subject matter experts, conceptual designers and writers. General services like video and audio production, graphics work, animation, interactive design and software development are shared between the divisions.

e-Learning solutions

We take learning beyond the boring slideshow or dry manual to media-rich edutainment that enlightens and captivates your trainee until the final click.

B2B marketing & communications

Creative digital content and tools for marketing and sales, interactive and immersive experiences, web applications and sophisticated 2D and 3D animation.