Intranet & web

Use your intranet and/or signage system to spread the HSE message internally with banners, safety portals, campaigns, or information repositories. Or publish your safety induction for contractors on the web to save time. In both cases, SAFETY24 designers and programmers can get your application on-line without a hitch.


Marrying a self-explanatory and intuitive user interface with an attractive design, in line with your corporate guidelines, that is the challenge our web team is proud to meet.
Add the efficient implementation of the underlying HTML/CSS, embedded functionalities and cross-browser compatibility, and your HSE website or intranet content is ready to meet its audience.


Behind every website or intranet stands a great back-office. Serving the right content, keeping track of user actions, gathering statistics, communicating with internal management systems.
If your company does not have a dedicated HSE portal or a suitable corporate website, our IT specialists have the experience to build a rock-solid back-end specific to the HSE department.


Today’s websites or web apps are seen on a myriad of screens. From the tiny smart phone display to large signage displays in the factory, with every tablet and desktop in between. A responsive design ensures that the web application adjusts itself to the screen for an optimal user experience. Our web designers know how to behave responsively.

Safety24 intranet responsive design