Augmented Reality (AR)

What you see is what you get... until augmented reality kicks in, superimposing information that is not really there. Learning material, help or guidance, videos, technical drawings, step-by-step instructions, audio messages, or even live video links with subject matter experts.
AR can bring an almost unlimited repository of multimedia content into the field of view of the trainee or operator.


AR recognizes markers to show additional information on the screen. The marker determines which content to show, and acts as an anchor point, so that the content remains glued to the real-world image.
Markers can be specific tags for the purpose, typically fixed to a wall or an installation. But they can be normal objects too… parts, machines, tools, models, moulds, or anything that can be recognized by image processing software.

Safety24 AR airco unit
Safety24 AR informs and assists


Augmented reality can be the context sensitive guide to operators and contractors. Calling out all sorts of information and training content, automatically or on-demand.

AR can decide on which content to show, based on real-time measurements, safety parameters, procedural steps, etc. The information is anchored to markers or recognizable objects, so it will change with every marker. Because of the clear link between content and predefined locations, the operator, contractor or trainee can be assisted on-the-spot and can see the effect of his interactions.


As we offer a one-stop-shop approach to AR, our teams develop not only the required AR software applications, but all the HSE related multimedia and informational content.

Whether it’s graphics, 3D animations, training videos or interactive modules, we have the people and the tools to make sure your trainees or operators can rely on digital support with professional, concise and clear information.

Safety24 AR factory